Apple MacBook Pro 13 is the best laptop to run Windows

The company's PCs, Soluto, has conducted a study in which the superiority of the MacBook Pro with Windows highlights, compared to other computers that have this operativode base consolidated system manufacturers such as Dell, Acer or Lenovo. To do the study, the Windows operating system was installed from zero to several laptops from different brands, including some of the leading brands of the PC market and Apple MacBook Pro 13.

Soluto After installation, PC analyst firm, conducted disitntas performance testing and that led to a startling conclusion: The MacBook Pro 13 thinking computer, do not forget to Mac OS X operating system performs tasks more efficiently Windows that own computers with this operating system by default. according to the study, compared to MacBook Pro 13, regular PCs have nothing to do. And in most cases the main problem of the slowdown of PCs versus Macs, due to the amount of crapware, ie, default software that comes preinstalled on Windows computers.

A major factor in the metric of this machine is the fact that each installation of Windows has been done is a Mac "clean". While PC makers charged too much software preinstalled on laptops, which slows down the PC. PC makers should look at this data and aspire to create computers that perform as well as a MacBook Pro, and discover that they must download the crapware PCs. "Analysts said Soluto

The study variables were measured for a week as the stoppages in applications, the "hang" of computers, blue screens (of death) and the starting time. Although Soluto concluded that the MacBook Pro 13 is the best Windows computer, also you made a list of the disadvantages of running Windows on a Mac, such as excessive work involved the installation of the operating system, as well as in You can sometimes create problems with the drivers.

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